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Garcia vs Granados LiVE DAZN Premier Boxing Champions

Garcia vs Granados LiVE (A)-Premier Boxing Champions 
May 4, 2019
Garcia vs Granados Live Stream:Thank you significantly, Operator. initial of all i want to impart the media for amendment of integrity U.S.A. all around the world as we've a bent to induce set for PBC on FOX and FOX Deported this approaching Sat from Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. What a venue for a fantastic night of boxing.

Garcia vs. Granados LiVE Boxing 
Our main event, the two division world champion, Danny “Swift” Garcia, goes head to maneuver against the ultra-competitive and invariably amusing , Adrian “El Tigre” Granados.
The broadcast begins at eight o’clock japanese, five PST. jointly on the foremost card — what a card that we have got — as we have got heavyweight contestant Andy Ruiz Junior. going head to maneuver against Alexander Dimitrenko throughout a 10-round match-up. that is the co-main event.
To open up the revealed, a young man administrative unit is quickly making his high the ranks, the brother of Omar Figueroa, unconquered contestant Brandon Figueroa goes head to maneuver against Venezuela’s own Yonfrez Parejo throughout a 10-round match-up for the WBA Interim Super Bantamweight Championship.
Tickets unit of measurement going quickly as Sat night’s event is born at you by TGB Promotion and Mayweather Promotions in association with DSG Promotions. you will be able to purchase them at or the Dignity Health Sports Box geographic point.
The first fight gets rolling at 3 o’clock. thus all the fights end in Southern state — get there early — thus we have a bent to travel stand PBC on FOX and FOX Deportes at eight Japanese, five time.
After the FOX broadcast, we have got heaps further action PBC FIGHT NIGHT – any on FS1 and FOX Deportes at 10:30 Japanese, 7:30 PST.
It’ll feature a match-up between Jeison Rosario and Jorge Cota and Karlos Balderas, Alfredo Angulo and extrayou're doing not ought to miss it as we've a bent to travel wall to wall on FOX, FOX Deportes, and FS1 this approaching Sat.
Right now whereas not any commotion it provides pine State nice honor and pleasure to introduce the person administrative unit no-doubt square measure an area of the International Boxing Hall of Fame. He has promoted events everyplace the earth and he understands the thanks to understand talent, takes someone from zero and nilto being the earth Champion and later a Hall of Famer.
Please welcome my dear friend, the President of TGB Promotion, Mr. Tom Brown.
Tom Brown
Well, thank you, Ray, and thanks everyone for amendment of integrity U.S.A. throughout this imply what is going on to be an amazing time conferred by Premier Boxing Champions on Sat nights, and as Ray same the Garcia-Granados fight square measure televised still exist primetime network tv by FOX and FOX Deportes.
The Dignity Health Sports Park has been home to some fashionable classics in Southern state to exchange the illustrious Olympic space, and conjointly the most event with Danny Garcia vs at Adrian Granados can be a sensational fight, out of the question match-up, and exhausting stylesand really one amongst the best non-World Title fights you will be able to build among the welterweight division.
The late hall of Fame intercessor, Teddy Brenner, same regarding matchmaking t’s not just a matter of swingrange|the amount|the quantity} one and variety two guys among the ring. Anybody may do that. It’s a matter of initial decisive whether or not or not the kinds of the two fighters combine and through this fight that’s a hell affirmative.
Then you've got ought to create your mind up if it’s an important fight. in several words, will the winner maintain to a good larger fight, utterly and, thirdly, he same as a friend is it a fight that i would ascertain as a result of the fans would like the best fight, and that’s another hell affirmative.
So I can’t anticipate Sat night. presently I’ll toss this back to Ray. thanks significantly everyone for amendment of integrity the choice.
R. Flores
Thank you significantly to Tom Brown and, look, I’ll tell you this, once Tom Brown gets excited for a fight you acknowledge it’s one issue special. And speaking of special, this man I’m getting ready to introduce has been an area of variety of the foremost special and many of the most important events in combat sports history. name been there done that, he’s promoted the most important event among the history of the sport of boxing. Please welcome the CEO of Mayweather Promotions, Mr. Leonard Ellerbe.
Leonard Ellerbe
Thank you, Ray. I’m terribly excited regarding this Sat night. we have got a terrific fight. we have a bent to got two guys administrative unit of measurement terribly never throughout an ordinary fight and their styles terriblymesh well, thus we'll terribly expect a hell of a fight this Sat night. every guy come to the fight with one issue to prove in my opinion.
I think once you think about Danny, Danny wants to essentially look spectacular as a result of he extremely has means the earth he’s still one amongst the best welterweights among the planet and a scintillating performance this Sat night will do specifically that.
On the other hand with Adrian Granados, never ever have we've a bent to seen Adrian throughout an ordinary flight. He’ll be desperate to urge that career method win that will right away catapult him among the mix with all the other pile fighters that unit of measurement out there among the welterweight division.
So every guys square measure desperate to kind Associate in Nursing announcement come this Sat night and conjointly the fans can expect a decent fight. Back to you, Ray.
R. Flores
Thank you significantly. thanks most Leonard. i truly appreciate it.
Right now, as we've a bent to induce set to meet the foremost event combatants, it provides pine State a decent honor and pleasure to welcome throughout a man administrative unit contains a record of twenty wins, 6 losses, 2 draws, from Chicago, Illinois, been involved as Associate in Nursing skilled for a decade.
He’s won two straight. He has stepped among the ring with the likes of performing artist Porter, Adrien Broner, Javier immortal. once it involves classifying this guy, I even ought to seem at him as a throwback fighter as a result of he will fight anybody and everybody and he constantly transfers your pressure.
He’s of Mexican descent, and he’ thus emblematic of what a Mexican fighter is all regardingand small doubt he square measure in his best condition and ready to position on the performance of life. Please welcome Adrian “El Tigre” Granados.
Hey, how’s it going everybody. impart for having pine State. I’m excited for this Sat. It’s getting to be an honest fight. recognize|i do know} pine State and Danny every got lots to prove throughout this fight which i do know that our styles mesh well.
I know, you know, Dignity Sports Park is believed for giving wise fights which i need we’re getting to provides a classic. I’m returning for the win.
It’s getting to be a decent fight, and may the best man win and through this case I need I’m the best man. I’m not getting to backpedal from a fireplace fight and I’m getting to do in spite of I even have to be compelled to try and do to win this fight.
I will guarantee a decent fight and may God bless U.S.A. every and lookout individuals and yea, man. Let’s twigon.
R. Flores
Thank you significantly, Adrian, greatly appreciate it. And also, it provides pine State a decent honor and pleasure to introduce his opponent.
So we have got Adrian Granados administrative unit is of Mexican descent, and this man is of yank descent. this you've got got the North yank nation against Puerto anti-racketeering law rivalry that’ll air show on Sat night, but this man can be a two-division World Champion, from the metropolis, Pennsylvania, thirty-one years stylish from the metropolis, Pennsylvania, 11-year skilled. He’s been among the ring with the likes of Keith Thurman, performing artist Porter, defeated the likes of screenwriter Matthysse, Erik Morales, Amir Khan, Paulie Malignaggi, trained by his father Angel. He’s jointly a throwback fighter, bites down in his mouthpiece, comes forward, and invariably puts on a sensational show for all the boxing fans around the world.
Danny Garcia
How you guys doing? Thanks for having pine State on. I can’t wait. It’s been Associate in Nursing extended camp. It’s been Associate in Nursing extended arduous camp. I place throughout a large amount of diligence. presently it's time to travel in there this Sat and handle business and provides my fans another nice amusing fight.